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Barrow Hanley

Barrow Hanley

Global Investors

About Barrow Hanley Global Investors

Barrow Hanley Global Investors (Barrow Hanley), now part of Perpetual Asset Management International, is a leader in global value investing, partnering with clients around the world to provide attentive service, insightful perspectives, and competitive returns.

Founded in 1979 and based in Dallas, USA, Barrow Hanley is a diversified investment management firm offering value-focused investment strategies spanning global equities and fixed income. Recognised as one of the few remaining firms dedicated exclusively to value investing, Barrow Hanley enjoys a boutique culture with a singular focus to assist clients in meeting their investment objectives.


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For more information, please call our Investor Service Centre on 1800 022 033 
during business hours or via email at investments@perpetual.com.au 



Why not all value managers are created equal


Value managers globally may share some common beliefs in terms of investment philosophy but their resulting portfolio characteristics and ultimate performance can vary dramatically - which begs the question: how well do you know your value managers and what differentiates Barrow Hanley in the prevailing market environment?