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Strategic philanthropy to maximise the impact of your giving

Charitable giving means you can use your money to make a positive impact on the world.

Strategic philanthropy means you can have a more significant impact with your giving. Ensure that every single dollar you donate – now, next year, even after you’re gone – helps support the people, causes and communities you care about.

How do you do that?

  • By knowing the organisations you support not only align with your values but are effectively governed and exceptionally led.
  • That the charitable structure you use reflects the size, timing, purpose, and origin (individual, family, company) of your giving.
  • That your relationship with the organisations you support works for them and for you – through involvement, communication, tax-effectiveness and more.

    • Strategic financial advice
    • Investment advice & management
    • Income, savings & debt management
    • Personal Insurance
    • Tax & accounting
    • Health & personal injury support
    • Family office
    • Property management

    Exceptional financial advice to protect and grow your wealth. That’s our enduring commitment to you backed by an investment philosophy that has stood the test of time.

  • Planning For Retirement

    • Superannuation & pension management
    • Power of attorney & Lifestyle assistance

    A post-work paradise takes careful planning. We can help you to structure your finances effectively and create an investment portfolio that protects your wealth without jeopardising your lifestyle.

  • Giving & Passing On Wealth

    • Charitable giving & philanthropy
    • Trust setup & management
    • Wills, estate planning & executorial services

    From the creation of your estate plan through to tax-effective giving structures, our team can help you to create a legacy for the people and causes closest to your heart.

Philanthropy services


Our team - in their own words

“We have nearly 130 years of philanthropic legacy to draw on and that means we can see the impact of funding provided by our clients 50 to 100 years ago. We talk to current clients about that a lot – the perpetual nature of philanthropy means their generosity today could be felt by communities forever.” Caitriona Fay, Managing Partner - Community & Social Investments, Perpetual Private

“I love working with such a highly skilled, motivated and caring team. Our technical experts ensure that philanthropy clients create maximum impact and enjoy a service that is tailored for them – from bespoke philanthropic investment advice to expert support with their giving strategies.” – Jane Magor, National Manager - Philanthropy & Non-Profit Services, Community & Social Investments, Perpetual Private


Meet the team

Caitriona Fay
Managing Partner, Community Social and ESG Investment
Jane Magor
National Manager, Philanthropy and Non Profit Services
Emily Wellard-Baring
Senior Manager, Philanthropy and Non Profit Services
Caitriona Fay

Caitriona Fay

Managing Partner, Community Social and ESG Investment

Caitriona joined Perpetual’s Philanthropy team in January 2013 and is responsible for supporting Perpetual’s commitment to Philanthropy and the not-for-profit sector.

With over a decade of philanthropic and grantmaking experience in both Australia and Europe, Caitriona has an extensive understanding of national and international funding approaches and mechanisms.

Caitriona is a former Chair of Philanthropy Australia’s Education Affinity Group. As an inaugural team member of the Leading Learning in Education and Philanthropy (LLEAP) research project, Caitriona possess a high level of understanding relating to the trends and challenges in the philanthropic sector within Australia. Her sector knowledge and standing was affirmed in 2012 when she was named the Australian Institute of Grant Management’s inaugural Grantmaker of The Year.

Caitriona is currently completing a Masters of Business (Philanthropy and Nonprofit) at the Queensland University of Technology and is a Board Member of Schools Connect Australia.

Jane Magor

Jane Magor

National Manager, Philanthropy and Non Profit Services

Jane joined Perpetual in 2011 and is a philanthropic leader with significant experience and knowledge of the private wealth and the Australian not-for-profit sector.

Jane leads a national team of philanthropy specialists who work in partnership with philanthropists to help guide them through the process of establishing a charitable Foundation or Endowment, formulate giving strategies and make compliant and vision aligned decisions regarding their annual grants to communities.

Jane also works extensively with not-for-profit organisations across Australia to support them in building their capacity to deliver on their mission and demonstrate the outcomes of their work.

Jane has a strong governance background, having completed a Bachelor of Business and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Emily Wellard-Baring

Emily Wellard-Baring

Senior Manager, Philanthropy and Non Profit Services

Emily Wellard-Baring is an experienced leader in the non-profit humanitarian aid and development sector across Indigenous Australia and the Pacific.

With a Masters’ Degree in Participatory Development, Emily has held senior-management roles at both large and small non-profit organisations and is passionate about building organisational strategy, sustainability and governance for sustainable social impact. Emily brings this experience to Perpetual to support Philanthropy clients to develop their strategic giving to the fields they are most passionate about, and support Non-Profit clients to build their long-term strategic and financial stability. 

Your best interests at heart

How you invest the money in a charitable trust makes a big difference to how long that money lasts and the distributions it pays to the organisations you support. The tax regime applied to charities – and the fact that the investment term is effectively ‘perpetual’ – can influence the best investment strategy for your charitable trust. Perpetual has over 100 years’ experience investing charitable funds on behalf of wealthy individuals and families so that the organisations they support get maximum benefit.

Our Investment Management page has more in-depth information and insights.

Compound returns – earning interest on your interest can be extraordinarily powerful in a tax-effective charitable structure investing for the long-term. It’s often how charitable vehicles manage, over time, to give away more funds than they were established with – and still have capital invested to fund future distributions. Our Magic Pudding article explains how the magic of compound returns works to expand philanthropy.

As noted above, you can set up a charitable trust in several structures. Perpetual can help you choose the structure that is most tax-effective for you and most beneficial for the organisations you support. And whether you choose to use a Private Ancillary Fund – or a Public Ancillary Fund like the Perpetual Foundation – you’re using the expertise of Perpetual’s investment managers to generate the best return from your funds.

Perpetual is an ASX-listed, diversified financial services company which has been serving Australians since 1886 when it was established as a trustee company by a group of businessmen including Sir Edmund Barton, later to be Australia’s first Prime Minister. That trustee heritage – and the culture it created around putting clients first – is what makes Perpetual unique.

Perpetual is one of Australia’s largest managers of philanthropic funds - managing over 1,000 philanthropic trusts and endowments. Every year we distribute around $100 million to NFPs on behalf of our clients.  We work closely with the philanthropy and NFP sectors so that we understand the challenges they face and can discuss those with our clients.

Whatever your objectives, expert, strategic thinking about philanthropy will help you have the most impact on the communities and causes you care about – and have more fun doing it.

There are a series of key issues you might have questions about – whether you’re new to philanthropy, or just want to do it better or differently.

The place for philanthropy
It’s important you’re happy with the place philanthropy has in your life.  Perpetual financial advisers have deep expertise in working with clients to ensure their philanthropy fits into their financial plans around things like retirement funding, passing on wealth, tax management and more. We can work with your other advisers – such as lawyers and accountants – to make sure philanthropy fits into an over-arching plan.

Involvement – or not
Some people like to give and stand back. Others to give and dive in. There is no right way – there is only your way. Perpetual’s philanthropy experts help ensure you get all the information you want about your giving and its impact. But they can also make sure you make a big impact, without a major drain on your time.

Interested in philanthropy?

Are you thinking about setting up your own philanthropic structure? Do you need access to great projects and organisations to support? Contact our philanthropy team by filling in the form below.



Perpetual manages two Public Ancillary Funds you can make a tax-deductible donation to – the Perpetual Foundation and the Centenary Foundation. If you would like to make a donation to either fund, contact our Philanthropy team on 1800 501 227 or email philanthropy@perpetual.com.au.


IMPACT Newsletter

IMPACT provides insight into important issues for philanthropists and the not-for-profit sector. It shares thought provoking ideas and best practice examples that aim to both stimulate and motivate a passion for philanthropy with Impact.

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