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Deal Room

Deal Room

Investor and Market Intelligence

Managing securitisation transaction securely, efficiently and effectively.

Whether you’re putting together securitisation deals or reporting on existing trusts, Deal Room means you can target your communications, manage all documentation and provide a better experience for everyone.


What our clients say

“As an investor, you want the latest information right in front of you – not to wade through your inbox searching through various versions, looking for the latest documents. We use the data and reporting we receive from issuers to make decisions and to give us the confidence we need to invest in the right trusts. We also use the information to keep our own clients up-to-date. It’s about time this data had a fully digital platform built for it, rather than emailing spreadsheets around. With the Deal Room, we’ve got a secure document sharing system tailored for the needs of the structured finance market. The fact that it’s tailored, makes the entire process more efficient. I can see it becoming our single source of truth for all issuer data. And that means we can make more efficient investment decisions.”
- Robert Camilleri, Managing Director, Realm Investment House
“Funding is a core part of our businesses. We wanted more control of the information underpinning our transactions – to bring more efficiency into how we distribute deal information and trust reports and to have a better understanding of how our counterparties are using the information we share. The other big benefit of partnering with Perpetual Digital is that they’re investing in the tech that makes our treasury team’s jobs easier and makes the process of staying in touch with our investor base much more efficient."
- Eva Zileli, Treasurer, Latitude Financial

Want to find out more about the new Deal Room module and how it can improve your information flows?

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